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MyAssignmentHelp.com Review

MyAssignmentHelp.com presents itself as a world’s ?1 writing service since 2007. The website looks good, but let’s decide whether this company actually provides its customers with the best services on the market or not.


The company offers many services. We would say even too many. Customers, probably, feel like kids in a candy store. There is a good statement – what is excessive that is unwise. MyAssignmentHelp.com offers all types of online academic services. Here customers can order an essay, a dissertation, coursework, etc. The company knows how to catch the attention, it shows which advantages the service has and offers some attractive discounts and referral program. The best way to evaluate the quality of service is to place an order and read the reviews of people who already did it. Let’s see what we found.


There are more than 14,000 reviews! We found that many customers aren’t satisfied with their orders. The most common reasons are misunderstanding between customers and writers, troubles with delivering papers on time, grammatical mistakes in the text and the absence of opportunity to get relevant help in the case if the work should be corrected. For example, one customer wasn’t pleased with its order. He asked his writer to fix it as the company offers such an option. Unfortunately, the customer saw no difference between the first variant of text and the edited one. As a result, the customer had to correct the content by himself. Such an approach tells us about the company's inefficiency to find professional writers for customers. Although, MyAssignmentHelp.com tries to convince clients that their writers are experts. The guests of the website can look at the profiles of all writers. We think this is a good idea because potential clients can notice the low rating of every writer.

As it has already been said we also decided to place an order. We ordered a simple essay and now we understand that we made a mistake. Our writer wasn’t going to keep a connection with us, we tried to tell him which changes our essay requires, but all we got was a completed order which was already off the table for us. Also, we had some problems with a discussion about the reasons of our desire to return the money. After long negotiations on which we spent 10 days, we got our money.


We can't say 24/7 customer support really works, as we were trying to get our money back for 10 days. Although, the website has a live chat that from time to time can be annoying for guests who just want to become acquainted with all services before placing an order.


Pricing on MyAssignmentHelp.com is based on the emergency and the service level (Premium, Standart, Limited). We think the company must details what the level Standart and Limited means as there is only the explanation for Premium. The prices are too high, especially for college students.


We are sure that MyAssignmentHelp.com isn’t affordable for all customers as prices are too inflated. The competency of writers is under challenge. The company has to teach each member of its team to hear the customers and keep a connection during the process of executing the order. It helps MyAssignmentHelp.com save its time and attract new customers. We can’t recommend this service as there are still some problems the company needs to solve in order to deliver papers with high quality.

FAQ MyAssignmentHelp.com

Is MyAssignmentHelp legit?

This site, like many student paper writing sites, works legally. Services that help students with writing essays and various academic papers are quite normal, and there is nothing illegal about it. This service also works within the law, but it still has a controversial reputation among users.

It can hardly be attributed to the top essay writing services because many users complain about the poor quality of the content, mistakes in the papers, and of course, presence of plagiarism. Violation of copyrights is already beyond legality. So in this aspect this service can be considered not quite legal. But in general, it has the right to sell its services. Using someone else's intellectual property can be severely punishable in some situations if it is discovered. So not only this site is at risk, but also its customers.

Is MyAssignmentHelp safe?

When we talk about the security of a particular academic writing service, we mean privacy policies and financial transaction security. It can be said about this site that it does not differ much in this aspect from other similar services. In general, it has a standard security system and can guarantee its customers anonymity.

We cannot say that the site is 100% reliable, but in general it copes with its function. Customers mostly complain about the quality of papers but not about security. So there is no reason to worry too much about the use of personal data. Users do not provide too much personal information that could harm them in any way. However, you should still be careful if you decide to use the services of this site. If the authors perform their work in bad faith, there is a chance that, in general, the administration of the site is negligent about your safety.

Are MyAssignmentHelp writers native?

When buying a written paper, every student hopes that its quality will be perfect, and the content will correspond to the necessary academic knowledge. Unfortunately, as far as this service is concerned, they cannot boast of the professionalism of their authors. It is unlikely that they are all native speakers of English because even qualified professionals will not make so many grammatical errors, which were detected by many customers. Many users of the site complain that the percentage of mistakes in the written work is so high that it just goes beyond all bounds of literacy and certainly does not meet the high academic requirements. This indicates that the authors are hardly professionally qualified and are not competent in the field of philology and elementary rules of English grammar. According to one client, there were about 25 mistakes in their paper. No academic work can be considered of high quality with such a high level of illiteracy.

Can you get caught using a MyAssignmentHelp writing service?

Yes, there is such a chance, and it is quite high. Considering how many complaints there are from customers about this service, we can safely assume that some students have already had problems of this nature. Many errors in the text, plagiarism, non-compliance with academic requirements, lack of structure in the papers increase the risk of getting caught. Moreover, there are cases where the author simply blew the deadline and did not complete the work on time, which caused the student to have problems. This is direct proof that the services of this site can put the client in a difficult situation. There is a high probability of wasting your money and not getting the result that you expect. Unfortunately, the service does not give confident guarantees to its clients, and they have to rely on luck or chance. In conclusion, it should be said that this is not the most reliable service for buying a paper, as irresponsible authors can be found here.

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