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10 Respectable Writing Sites, In Our View, Which Are Worth Your Attention:
Rank Service Price Reviews
1 WriteMyPapers
Starts from $12/page
WriteMyPapers ★★★★★ 5
5 1
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2 PaperWriter
Needs clarification
PaperWriter ★★★★★ 5
5 1
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3 EssayLib
Starts from $12/page
EssayLib ★★★★★ 4.9
5 1
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4 Affordable Papers
Starts from $10/page
Affordable Papers ★★★★★ 4.8
5 1
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5 EssaysWriting
Starts from $10/page
EssaysWriting ★★★★★ 4.8
5 1
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6 Writing Essay East
Starts from $10/page
Writing Essay East ★★★★★ 4.8
5 1
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7 Essaymoment.com
Starts from $9.97/page
Essaymoment.com ★★★★★ 4.8
5 1
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8 Buy Essay Friend
Starts from $9/page
Buy Essay Friend ★★★★★ 4.7
5 1
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9 Darwin Essay
Starts from $9,97/page
Darwin Essay ★★★★★ 4.7
5 1
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10 EvolutionWriters.com
Starts from $10/page
EvolutionWriters.com ★★★★★ 4.6
5 1
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The Best Essay Writing Services That Deserve Your Attention

Have you ever been to that place where your dreams came true but you didn’t feel happy about it? How did it feel? Not so pleasant, I assume. It is no secret, such a feeling is common for a lot of newbie students. While plenty of them had been waiting for this stage of their life for the last couple of years, it is too hard to realize college is much more challenging than new friends, dormitory parties, and studying something in the middle.

Almost each of you will get used to these changes, but someone would feel much better if they get some kind of assistance. There are tutors in colleges, but they are a part of a college system and sometimes it is awkward to share your experience with them. What to do then?

Find the best essay writing service to help you go through the most difficult days.

It sounds easy, I know. But in fact, the task is not much easier than any of your college assignments. Instead of choosing the first essay writing service that you will see in Google search, you’ll need to do research, explore each essay writing service's advantages and disadvantages, read millions of the reviews and only after that decide.

Have I scared you? Take a deep breath. Though the task is not as easy as it seems, you have to complete it just once, and then all your assignments won’t be a problem for you anymore. Moreover, with our help, you’ll decide faster. All we ask you to do is to read our guide carefully and listen to yourself.

So, let’s find out which websites we can use as an example of a professional reliable academic writing agency and where we can get assistance right now if needed.

The Best 5 Essay Writing Services

  1. Affordable-Papers.Net


Affordable Papers

Knowing that many students can’t afford to pay much for academic writing assistance and do it only if they don’t see any other possibility to keep afloat, I decided to start this list with the most affordable essay writing service.

Though, it is recommended to not evaluate and choose the academic writing agency based on its price, we will make an exception. Affordable-Papers service offers its clients a wide range of services and charge for it only $9 per page. Yes, here, a client can order comparative essays, reports, case studies, term papers’ writing assistance and keep its budget unaffected.

The papers here are of high quality, free of typos, spelling mistakes, and plagiarism. Moreover, the plagiarism check is included in the price. Without additional request, you’ll get a plagiarism report from one of the most popular and reliable online tools. It is a great feature. Sure, students likely check the paper after they get it themselves. In case they find plagiarism, they can order a free revision or request a full refund. Their request will be approved, but the customer loses time. In case the plagiarism check was made by the service, it had to be done before the deadline, thus no problems will occur later.

The company is proud of their writers’ range. There are many experts who have different approaches and academic backgrounds. It is good to know there is a service where you still can order a simple essay from a talented, but not over-experienced writer, so the paper will look like you wrote it independently, but spent a lot of time on it. Yet, there are highly-educated writers and even former college professors available for your needs.

Besides the plagiarism report, Affordable-Papers will write a bibliography for you. As I remember from college, this part was the most annoying. When the essay is done, and you are going to celebrate, you realize there is a bibliography remaining. What an awful feeling! It is amazing that these guys know what you need and do it with no excuses.

What is unexpected is that the service’s writers usually deliver papers before the deadline. To know whether the service is professional and I can recommend it, I have ordered an argumentative essay on the most impressive discoveries of the 21 century, and was impressed the paper was done 4 hours before the deadline. Along with the paper, I have received the writer's comments and invitation to contact him if I have questions. This kind of customers’ treatment simply disarms.

Also, as a first time customer I got a discount, so the overall price didn’t exceed my budget. Unfortunately, the company doesn’t have a loyalty program where you can get the next discount inviting your friend to make an order. Still, it was the cheapest option and I was satisfied with the results. So, Affordable-Papers is a great option for students who don’t like to take risks but want to see how their life will change with reliable essay writing assistance.

Now, the price we’ve started with. Indeed, the company establishes fairy-tale prices. Here, you can get your paper at $9 per page. In addition to that, you will get a 7% first-order discount. So, having paid a little bit more than $8 you’ll get a college paper written in rich English and filled with smart arguments. Excellent deal, isn’t it?

  1. Essay-Lib.Com

essay lib

Essay-Lib writing service stands out with its energy and desire to help students in any way they can. And it isn't obligatory to order a custom essay from them. There are many features you can use for your own benefit without spending a penny.

The essay writing service has an amazing user-friendly and easy-to-navigate website where tons of useful information is gathered. They provide their potential clients with the guides on how to write different types of college assignments, how to fit into the new group, and start earning more with less effort. All the articles are important and topical.

Besides that, Essay-Lib follows the latest trends and is extremely active in social media. It is comfortable for plenty of students. You can ask a question using a messenger or leave feedback in Twitter. Also, you can follow their pages and be the first to know about the promotions and latest news about the academic writing requirements that sometimes do change.

On their website, you can use tools to check the grammar or compose an essay according to formatting rules. Thus, they are helpful even without your actual cooperation with them.

Talking about actual essay writing assistance, the service offers essay writing, application essay help, problem-solving, and many other kinds of services. Their major speciality is speech writing. While it is not so popular among students, its importance could not be underestimated.

Students have to give speeches at official events, graduation ceremonies, and they have to be able defend their papers. This talent might guide you to the places you’ve never thought you will be at, so writing help with that is really necessary.

Essay-Lib isn’t the most affordable in our list, but the prices are quite low. At a cost $10 per page you’ll get a unique well-thought essay free of mistakes with the extra quality check that is included in the package. Also, the writers are capable of writing an essay according to any format you suggest.

Having in mind the service claims that speech writing is one of its strengths, I’ve ordered a custom presentation here. It is not a speech, but a very similar assignment. The paper was delivered just on time and I can say it satisfied me. Frankly speaking, I had a different vision for the assignment, but this was the difference in approaches in action. This is exactly the reason why the services recommend using their papers as an example for further research and independent work. It is a foundation for your discoveries. And here instead of vague words and numbers, you'll find the essence of the facts and arguments.

  1. BuyEssayFriend.Com


The third number in this list is the essay writing service that takes their mission too seriously. They would never deliver a paper that is not good enough to get an A grade. Yes, no one knows how the professor will evaluate the paper, and still the paper will deserve the highest mark for sure.

BuyEssayFriend is a good choice for students of the last years, or undergraduates. Their range of essays and other services are wide, but they are the most qualified in writing difficult research papers. There are writers who have a solid academic background and huge experience in conducting research. They are true bookworms who enjoy the research unlike many of their clients.

The service offers dissertation writing assistance, term paper help, and all kinds of research paper writing. If you are going to order a simple essay, you can confidently cound on its fast delivery, as it is an easy task for the majority of experts that write for BuyEssayFriend. Dissertation writing will take longer, but you can be sure it will be written from scratch and won’t copy any of the already published similar academic papers. The BuyEssayFriends writers do not tolerate procrastination or laziness, thus, if you choose a 14-day deadline, all of this time will be spent on writing your paper exclusively. And for the professional academic essay writers it is more than enough to present outstanding research.

In case you are a fan of research like our writers, there are editing and proofreading options. Dissertations, term papers, or course works aren’t usually written in one day, and it is very likely there will be a few mistakes the author wouldn’t be able to catch due to deep involvement in the process and being with the paper for too long. And, sometimes, there could be logical loops that only a professional editor can notice. So, students can come to BuyEssayFriend to get a final check. The service is cheaper than writing from scratch and might be a great option for many students.

Although all the reliable paper writing agencies pay great attention to the clients’ privacy, BuyEssayFriend reaches new levels in this field. Ordering a dissertation writing can be a sensitive and delicate process for the customer, so the service never asks them to provide personal details that are not significant. There is no need to share your real name, faculty, or college. You can remain absolutely anonymous. The payment is secured, too. The essay service even encourages clients to pay using online wallets as this way the risks your personal data will leak is approaching zero.

The service offers revisions that are possible within two weeks after the client confirms the paper and full refund under certain circumstances that are mentioned in the Terms and Conditions chapter.

Considering the perfect results BuyEssayFriend’s writers show, the price for their job is more than reasonable. Here, you will pay about $10 per page. It doesn’t differ from the prices other essay writing services offer, but the quality of the paper meets your expectations easily enough. Thus, I suppose this essay service will become your real best friend in writing college papers for all your students years.

  1. WriteMyPapers.Org


WriteMyPapers is an old-fashioned reputable essay writing service that will never abandon their principles. They have a loyal gang of customers and they are working hard to remain their favourite academic writing service.

The company delivers top-notch original essays and other college assignments that are written in rich English, mostly by English native speakers, based on thorough research and included smart conclusions. There is no better feeling than to state your requirements and receive a paper that is written according to them.

The service offers various academic services, and there are many not so popular among them. For example, you can order here a Psychiatric portrait paper or comparative essay on Religion. Nevertheless, I decided to order a paper here that is not stated as the service’s advantage. I’ve ordered a personal statement.

My deadline was 2 days, and I think it is more than enough for such a paper. I’ve chosen an undergraduate writer and asked to make the paper natural. It was delivered much earlier, and that made me a little bit nervous as I thought the paper would be poor as it was done so fast.

I was wrong. The paper was better than I expected it to be. It is a difficult task — to write a personal statement for someone you don’t know. But it was done well. Yes, it was not as personal as I would write it, but it was deep and honest enough and could be a great sample for writing my own paper. I liked the balance between honesty and bravery. It sounds bold and modest at the same time. And isn’t this an impression we all want to make?

Having ordered a personal statement, I got a call from the customer support and was asked to provide them with at least a few details I want to be mentioned in the paper. The communication was smooth and pleasant. There was no feeling like someone did you a favor. I was treated nicely and politely. After the phone call ended, I received a message that I can contact the customer support any time I want. I didn’t even get my paper at the time, but I already felt I liked the service.

What is helping feel confident when ordering from WriteMyPapers is the reviews. There are many reviews left on the different platforms, and they are mostly positive. You can get a lot of information there, and grasp what the service is capable of. Also, I found information about the price and read some disappointments about it not being as low as students want.

Sure, I can understand it. WriteMyPapers charges a little bit more than other paper writing companies. The starting price is $11 per page. You won’t feel the difference if you are ordering a 5-paragraph essay. But it will definitely impact your budget if the service will write a dissertation for you. However, each company establishes the prices that correspond with the writer's expertise and knowledge so they will be rewarded accordingly. Besides, there are discounts and promos regularly, so you just need to subscribe to the newsletter, and you are on top!

  1. EssaysWriting.Org


EssaysWriting website impresses with its simplicity and style. You won’t find huge numbers and perfect statistics, just facts about what they do and what they are going to achieve. I know, it is not the most important feature about the essay writing service, but they say, the theatre begins with the cloakroom. If the website invests in so insignificant detail, according to many students, like appearance online, it surely invests more in being the best.

It is easy to grasp what are the major advantages of the service and decide whether you want to become their customer. Then, it takes a little time to fill up the order form and provide the payment. The personal account is also easy-to-navigate. Everything is done to ease your searches and struggles in the end.

To say more, the service plays by the market’s rules and can offer all the services a potential client expects to get. There is a refund option available, a formatting is included in the package, and — what surprised me the most — guys offer their customers unlimited revisions! Honestly, I haven’t seen something similar before.

In other words, it means they are ready to rework your paper as many times as you’ll demand. Or they are so confident in their professionalism and experience that only a few of the clients request a revision. The last option seems more real to me.

Obviously, I made an order here. This time it was a Biology report. And the writer mastered the assignment. Indeed, it was so detailed, well-structured, organized that I didn’t see a reason to revise it. And I like this approach a lot. I myself prefer to do the job well instead of redoing it many times. It always gets more and more exhausting to try to do something differently so the result satisfies me.

So, I’d say, EssaysWriting is a service for perfectionists. I insist you try it, as the feeling of getting a perfect paper from the first try is unimaginable.

Also, this academic writing agency will fit you if you get used to do everything at the last minute (yes, such a combo, perfectionists and procrastinators!). It would fit you as the service can deliver your paper in less than 6 hours. Having a huge and diverse experience, EssaysWriting’s experts cope with urgent and challenging tasks fast and professionally. However, keep in mind, if you are going to submit a paper just after the deadline, you won’t be able to take advantage of the company’s unlimited revisions offer. And the price will be higher.

Following our rule, we conclude the review with the price. EssaysWriting company sticks to the general tendency and delivers college papers at $10 per page. Though the price is average, remember that you can ask the writer to rewrite the paper many times, so in fact, you pay not for a one paper, but for the writer’s unlimited time that he is going to spend on your paper to make it perfect. It is a very generous and rare offer.

 How To Spot The Best Essay Writing Services To Make Use Of?

 We have agreed that it is awesome, today we have so many different and reliable essay writing platforms so our transition from high school to college was a little bit less difficult. It is great asking for help is no more shameful. However, one problem remains. The problem of choice.

If a decade ago, there were about a dozen essay writing services and all of them were more or less of the same level, today, you have hundreds, if not thousands, essay writing services available. And day after day it becomes more challenging to understand which one is trustworthy, professional, and responsible.

Unfortunately, the list of reliable essay writing services might change each year, as sometimes there are new companies that quickly earn a good reputation and take their place on the market. And sometimes good services stop improving and lose their positions. Though no magic would show you which essay writing service is the best, there are some rules to follow to define the most reputable and reliable paper writing agencies.

Ways To Find Reliable Essay Writing Service

If you have decided to take advantage of an essay writing company and it is your first experience, take these steps to find out whether a certain service deserves your trust:

  1. The website

It is the essay writing service’s business card. It has to be clear, comprehensive, and relevant.

When you land on the website main page, you have to see it is updated regularly and works properly. Everything matters. The speed of the downloading, the flashes, the banners, the color balance. You shouldn’t feel distracted or annoyed. You have to feel comfortable here, and see it is done by professional web masters, and not some high-school student. If the company wants to be treated seriously, it has to pay attention to its appearance.

Also, it is crucial so the information is accurate. The phone numbers should be active, the email gets letters, and the chat box opens in one click.

Next, there should be easy-to-use order forms that could be reached from each page of the website. It shouldn’t confuse you or provoke questions. You have to understand the ordering process at first glance.

  1. The registration data

It is not that easy to check, but if you do it, it will save you time and protect you from regrets.

Having found an essay writing service you want to make use of, go to google search and check the website domain. Check when it was created, who created it, where it registered, which company has the rights for the website. If you’ll see information that corresponds with the data you read on the website, then, go ahead with ordering an essay. If there is information that seems suspicious like a domain is registered for another company, or it says the owner of the website also owns other websites that provide academic writing help as well, think about another option.

Sure, it might mean nothing, and your essay will be written from scratch and delivered on time. But I prefer to minimize the risks and cooperate only with those companies that hide nothing.

  1. The reviews

You probably have to spend the most of your investigating time reading the reviews. They are the source of information until you make an order yourself.

Good news is there are many real reviews left by actual customers. Thanks to them, you can grasp what are the essay writing service’s strengths and weaknesses. They are pretty comprehensive and reflect the quality of the company’s services.

Bad news is there are many fake reviews left by someone who gets paid for it. It is difficult to find out which review is false, but here are some hacks for you.

How To Check If The Essay Writing Service’s Reviews Are Real?

May each student who left a review on an academic writing agency be healthy and happy, as this is what helps potential customers avoid frauds and invest wisely. It would be amazing if all the reviews were real. This way, we wouldn’t need any other evidence to be sure the essay writing service is reliable or, on the contrary, untrustworthy.

Unfortunately, many services today want to get a good reputation not by delivering outstanding writing service, but by ordering fake reviews. So, our task now is to learn what differs fake reviews from a real one.

  1. The approach

Fake reviews are often long, but vague. They state many positive aspects, tell how great the experience was, but do not contain any facts or details, like the writer’s name or degree, the topic of the essay, if the revision was ordered.

Real reviews are often short, but precise. When a customer is satisfied with the service they take it for granted and just say “thanks'' to the service providers. Although, they might bring some flaws up and underline that despite not everything was perfect it was what it has to be.

  1. The anonymity

Many customers of essay writing services would like to remain anonymous. It is absolutely common and wont provoke doubts. Unless, the account of the review’s author is completely empty. When you see clearly it was created just to leave the review, do not believe what it says.

The real customer would probably remain anonymous, too, but share the number of the order and amount of money he spent on the essay writing assistance. These are not facts that can reveal the client’s personal data, but make the review more helpful — both for potential customers and essay service providers.

  1. The platform

There are many places where customers can leave their feedback, but not all of them are reliable. Looking for the reviews, choose platforms like SiteJabber, Reddit, TrustPilot. They are long enough in this field and know that to keep their reputation good they need to fight with fake reviews. Thus, they have strict policies about confirming your person and do not publish reviews if it seems not true.

The platform where only a certain number of essay writing services are reviewed, or where there is always one company that gets the best reviews is not the best foundation for making a decision.

Also, pay attention to the dates when the reviews were published. If there were no reviews for a year, and then all of a sudden a dozen positive reviews appear, do not believe them.

It also works for negative reviews. Many companies work unfairly and write negative reviews on their competitors. Be aware of such a possibility, too.

We know it sounds almost impossible to choose the service that is truly professional and experienced, and still many questions need to be answered. Let’s try to fill in the dots.

How to find out whether you need some writing help or not?

Here is the list of subjects and disciplines which companies, highlighted on our web resource, operate with.

If any of the above mentioned reasons concern you and the beyond subjects create unnecessary problems - then probably you need some kind of professional support!

Find your particular subject area here and the service which fully covers it:


  • Biology
  • Business















This list is certainly not complete. If you didn’t find your specific disciple – just feel free to contact customer support of a service you like. Clarify whether they provide provide assistance in this field. All needed contact information you may find right on their websites.

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FAQ: Everything You Should Know Before Ordering a Custom Essay

Do essay writing services really work?

Yes, they definitely do. Essay writing services were not created if there was no huge demand in the student community. Thousands of struggling students needed help and the solution has followed. Professional academic writing agencies that have provided (and keep doing it) students with the writing assistance and guided them to become better versions of themselves.

Essay writing services' purpose is to make students' lives more bearable at some moments, and help them achieve their goals. They do their job well, as otherwise the word of mouth would do its job, too.

If you want to get from an essay writing service an excellent essay or research paper, or dissertation, then you have to opt in the most reliable and reputable agencies. Here, your papers will be assigned to professional and talented writers who have written a lot of college papers before and know exactly how it should look like. Having chosen a perfect essay writing service for you, your cooperation will totally be worth it. Remember, essay writing companies not only deliver you papers and assignments, but save your reputation and give you a chance to make your dreams come true.

Is buying essays online safe?

Buying essays online is the same thing as buying groceries online, paying your bills, or ordering a new book. It is a payment you provide. All the operations depend on your bank, e-wallet or other payment methods you prefer using.

When you pay for the essay on the essay writing website, you are redirected to the bank page that is secured and decoded. The service doesn’t see your data. All the issues that might occur will be associated with the bank or other payment platforms.

Talking about the laws, essay writing service doesn’t differ from a tutoring service or some writing training lessons. You pay for the service you are getting. Although, it could be prohibited by your college policy. You have to check whether using an essay writing service will be tolerated and not punished, and then confidently proceed with the process.

Which essay writing service is reliable?

The most reliable essay writing service is that you have taken advantage of and remained satisfied.

Jokes aside, trustworthy academic writing services are easy to spot if you know what to look for.

First of all, a reputable essay writing service is experienced in writing college papers. It was created at least 5 years ago and delivered over 20 000 papers. These numbers are approximate, still, if the service is newly created we can’t name it reliable. Even if it delivers superb papers and has no negative reviews, the writers could easily make a mistake or not know how to communicate with the customer properly, and this way, you’ll end up full of regrets.

Also, pay attention to the writers’ expertise and academic background. Though experience is important, it doesn’t deserve trust if there is no solid education. Writers have to be highly educated and know how the academic world is functioning from the inside. Otherwise, they can only guess, and this is not what you are paying for.

Last but not least, a reliable essay writing service would probably cost more than you expect. The prices for the essay writing assistance depend on the company’s experience, reputation, the writers’ levels, the deadlines, the guarantees, thus, it couldn’t be cheap.

Do your research and make an informed decision.

What is the best essay writing service?

The best essay writing service is honest, transparent, and professional. Great essay writing services choose their writers attentively, create a strong customer support department, invest in their self-improvement, and always solve difficult situations with the clients.

In the list above we presented 5 essay writing services that are professional, experienced, and can offer different kinds of services. You can confidently choose one of them and make an order, as your paper will be delivered on time and will be written according to your requirements.

Are essay writing services legit?

Yes, the majority of essay writing services are legit. They are registered and pay taxes, before providing their clients with the services they sign the agreement and promise to fulfill their duties. Everything is documented. The payments are official and legal. Many essay writing services have actual offline offices where you can come and require their documents and permits to provide their occupation.

Yet, there are websites that pretend to be essay writing services, but in fact they are just frauds who are looking for money with no effort. Such platforms usually offer low prices, and promise your paper will be delivered on the unbelievable deadline. More than anything else, they want to attract new customers and then go away with their money.

If you don’t have time to investigate, just make use of our list. After all, this is what we created it for — to help students like you.

Which essay writing service is the best?

This is a tricky question. No one could know better than you which essay writing service is the best for you. Many companies have different features, options, and services. Your essay writing service choice depends on your faculty, your requirements, formatting style, and your personality.

Some of the services master science assignments, others are fantastic at creative writing. Those are different kinds of writer’s experience, expertise, and knowledge.

The best essay writing service is the one that provides customers with original, deep and untrite college papers, check their papers on plagiarism, edit it, and guarantee you free revisions. And, obviously, always keeps their promises. Though, it is hard to believe there is such a company, they do exist. Just make an order from one of the essay writing services mentioned above and you’ll know.

Are essay writers legit?

As well as essay writing services, essay writers are legit. They provide students with the academic assistance being private entrepreneurs. They do not have all the permits that college writing companies have as they don’t need them. Essay writers might be a great option for those who are extremely tight on budget. Yet, it might be associated with higher risks like:

  • no guarantees. An essay writer couldn’t provide you with guarantees like professional essay writing service. Certainly, they can say anything to you, but there is no agreement, so you are not protected. And in case the writer won’t deliver the service, you have no one to claim it.
  • no confidence. The writer could tell you he has a PhD, but you can’t check it. It is great if he is at least a good writer, but he can easily be some high-school student who just wants to make some money.
  • no mediators. Though many customers prefer to communicate with the writer directly, it is good to have a customer support representative if some issues occur. In the case of a private essay writer, you should deal only with him. And if he will ignore you, there is nothing you can do.

So, you can try to find a reliable essay writer that you can trust and cooperate with, but it is more dangerous. Just be aware.

What is the best essay writer?

The best essay writer should meet the following requirements:

  • be a professional. They have to stick to professional ethics, know how relations between the service provider and customer should look like, be polite, attentive to the requirements, and tolerant.
  • has an experience. The best essay writer has to be experienced and have published pieces he can show the customer to prove his talent.
  • be responsible. I didn’t put the word “educated” here, as sometimes education doesn’t matter a lot. An essay writer could easily be an electrician but have a true sense of words, know how to put words in sentences so they impress, convince, and take over the readers. What is more important is the ability to take responsibility and carry it on. If the writer promises something, they have to deliver, unless there is an unpredictable turn of events.

And again, a certain writer could be the best for one person and be an average for you. Listen to yourself and choose wisely.

Each order you make from an essay writing service will bring you more confidence and self-esteem. As not everything depends on the college assignments. You can be the most diligent student, but feel no satisfaction from your life, thus, all your attempts will be futile.

Essay writing places allow you to enjoy your life and explore it. Discovering your secret talents is the most invaluable gift of all times. This is what plenty of us lack and truly want to have a chance to change.

Be an ambassador of your personality, and do whatever it takes to develop each tiny skill you have to the most, so each move or idea will work for your future success and happiness. And reliable essay writing services will gladly give you a hand on this challenging path.