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BoomEssays.com Review

BoomEssays.com is one of the writing companies on the market providing, as it is stated, the most beneficial services for students. Cooperation with the most qualified writers, competitive prices, perfect papers, and no missed deadlines…The list of guarantees is endless. However, it is worth to check whether everything works in that way.

Having a bright website and good-looking homepage, this writing company invites many students to buy their essay right away. However, speaking about the design, it is not always easy to find the information you are looking for. The website provides with the information concerning the type of works you can order from there, testimonials from customers, special features of the company, statistics, and other data.

BoomEssays.com website does not always work well. There are many technical issues that need to be resolved in order to provide customers with more comfortable viewing.

Prices at BoomEssays.com

boomessays prices

If to compare prices at BoomEssays.com with other writing companies available on the web, they are relatively high. Moreover, they are not affordable for all students. The time limitation, word count, and level of writing – these three things influence the final price of an order.

Just as you visit BoomEssays.com, you have an opportunity to calculate the approximate price for the order. Be aware that this price can significantly differ from the one you will get in the end.

Free features include revisions, bibliography, outline, title page, formatting, plagiarism detection. Note that almost all writing companies include these features in the price. It is not the peculiarity of the BoomEssays.com.

When it comes to the discount policy, you need to be a BoomEssays.com subscriber to get it. Besides it, each newcomer gets 15% off for the first order. It is valid only for orders with the total more than $25.00.

boomessays discount

Quality of Papers

The price should coincide quality. So, the best way to check it is to cooperate with the presented company. The order was placed, all specifications and details were included. The deadline was specified. So, the only thing to do was waiting. An order was not sent on time, so the deadline was missed. It shows how the company treats its customers in a non-professional way. It is guaranteed that the essay is free of plagiarism, however, after checking it with the newest plagiarism detecting system, the percentage of uniqueness was not satisfying. These two facts indicate that a high price does not always mean a high quality of work.

The Company`s Level on the Web Market

BoomEssays.com states that their company is reliable and worthy. However, there is no information concerning the time they are offering their services to students. Years of experience are not specified, but it is an important detail in the work of any online company.

There are only some testimonials presented on the website, which do not make you trust this company more. Supposedly, the company`s level on the web market is not so high and reputable.

Personal Account

A company asks you to sign in before placing an order and fill in your personal information. However, no security measurements are not provided.

There can occur some problems with logging in. If case you forget your password, you have to wait a pretty long period of time for it to be sent on your e-mail. Some technical issues slow down the whole process.

Customer Service

In order to get in touch with the company`s managers, you need firstly to fill in your name, e-mail address, choose the department, and only then you will be able to talk to a customer support representative. This process takes more time than expected, taking into account a fact that managers are not always at their place as it supposes to be.

In case a customer wants to get some additional information or has some questions, there are also some phone numbers provided with the company`s e-mail address. No call-me-back options are available.


It is important to choose a good and reliable writing service in order not to waste money and get into a trap. Analyzing each aspect of BoomEssays.com work, it should be said that this company does not have enough experience to meet all customers` expectations and provide them with truly qualified assistance.

BoomEssays.com FAQ

Is BoomEssays.com legit?

In general, the company is legit as much as all other reliable essay services of this type. No legislation in any country can forbid its activity, so you can use the service legally as long as you preserve your anonymity and confidentiality. The company provides guarantees for this.

However, to use their service, you need to sign in and add too much personal information, so you can never know how appropriately it can be used. There are no regulations or claims in the terms and conditions that the website provides all security measures to protect you against the access of third parties. Though it is completely illegal, they may use your unique work and resell it.

Or you are not guaranteed either against using the paper that has already been created for someone else. It is also not safe and will lead to plagiarism. The latter is inappropriate and entirely illegal in most colleges. As well as some students have complained about plagiarized work, you need to be careful to comply with all the academic instructions and regulations of your educational institution.

Is BoomEssays.com safe?

Overall, it is safe and well-protected against any unexpected issues. However, be careful about the details on the website’s encryption because you need to be sure that your confidential information is secure. When not properly encrypted, your personal data can be revealed. Some educational institutions may use this to follow your activity on this website. So it is recommended not to show the name of your institution and too much personal information when you order the paper from this service.

One more thing that makes this writing website safe and comfortable is its payment system. You can calculate yourself how much you will have to pay. Though, as it becomes obvious, the final price can significantly differ from what you have calculated so you can never feel safe enough.

Another safety concern relates to some problems with logging in. If you do not remember your password, you will have to wait for a long time until the company answers your claim and helps you restore the password by email. Slowing down the process may be dramatic in meeting the deadlines.

Are BoomEssays.com writers native?

Yes, most of them are English-native speakers. And it is a great advantage for any reputable company because it may ensure the best quality of papers. However, it is evident that they also have non-native authors. We can judge that by the minor mistakes which are often made in some papers. Such mistakes cannot be made by natives.

Although it is not very convenient when you do not know who your writer is, you have an option here to choose your writer and contact them. If you are not a native speaker yourself, you may prefer to choose an experienced non-native professional who will write a great paper in your specific field.

Can you get caught using a BoomEssays.com writing service?

Normally, you cannot be caught using this writing service because it is encrypted and your confidential information is never revealed purposefully to third parties. If you read the company’s terms and conditions attentively, you can find there something about confidentiality and the restrictions for your sensitive information use.

However, a lot depends on the writer’s approach to doing your paper. The most unpleasant thing that may happen to you is an encounter with plagiarism. That is not safe at all. You even can be caught easily if the same paper has once been done for some of your course mates.

Another thing you need to remember if you want more security and protection is the need to change your name on the file and customize the paper to make it look authentic but not bought from somewhere.

You also need to read your essay carefully after you receive it and understand it. Make sure that your paper is original and you have all the authorship copyright for it.

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No professionalism and no red-carpet treatment to your customers. I will surely not recommend your company to my friends.

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Honesty, the essay I got from you is written awfully. The right format I asked for was forgotten at all, let alone the requirements. I bet I will not hit the band with it.

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