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Review of 6dollaressay.com

Being cheap writing services, 6dollaressay.com draws attention of many students, who seek help with their writing assignments in high school, college, or university. The website claims that its customers receive high-quality services quickly and for the low price. However, a lot of students doubt that. We reviewed this service to see if their doubts have a solid ground. Scroll down to find out what to expect when you order an essay or other paper from this company.

The Relation Between the Price and the Quality

6dollaressay prices

As the name of the service implies, there is an opportunity to receive an essay for $6. However, it is possible only if your essay has only one page and the deadline is 10 days away from the order time. Take into consideration that the price rises with the urgency of the order. If you want to have an essay written within 24 hours, be ready to pay up to $24 per page. Thus, services are not as cheat as you could think at the first sight.

What is more, the quality of papers, written by 6dollaressay.com is far from being high. Orders are done by non-professional writers, who do not have much experience in this sphere. The majority of them are students, who treat this job as an opportunity to make some money. Essays are not creative and contain spelling errors, while academic papers lack novelty and uniqueness.

Editing and Proofreading Services

6dollaressay editing service

The low quality of papers reveals unprofessionalism of the team. Good proofreaders do not skip words that are spelled with errors, wrong choice of vocabulary, and obvious grammar mistakes. There are no so many editing issues in their works. However, the grades could be higher if certain changes were made.

Order Process

6dollaressay order

Ordering service functions okay, as it takes you several minutes to fill in the form and send a request. However, be ready to wait for the reply with further details for several days. Thus, if you have an urgent writing assignment that should be done within a day or two, it is not the best website to ask for help.

What is more, some students complained about payment errors. Double payment, wrong sum, no payment received – such errors are usual things for 6dollaressay.com.

Customer Support

6dollaressay online support

It is another important services that should be provided by such companies, especially when payment errors happen frequently. The customer support team at this website is not efficient at all. If you expect to receive an answer to your question within an hour, this mission is impossible. Yes, a representative of this team will offer you some solutions for your problem, but it happens within a day or two.


The only positive side of this writing service is the low price of essay if they are not urgent. However, the low rate per page means that you should forget about the high quality of papers and the high level of service.

6dollaressay.com FAQ

Is 6dollaressay.com legit?

Like most academic writing services, this site operates within the law. This point is a prerequisite for the operation of such a site, as it carries out monetary transactions that under other circumstances would be considered illegal. Even though the site is legal, its reliability and safety raise doubts, as you can find more than one essay writing service review with negative connotations about the service activities on the Internet. Therefore, customers should pay attention not only to the legality of the site but also to its actual reputation and real reviews. Users should be careful when choosing a site to order a writing paper.

Is 6dollaressay.com safe?

This site states that personal customer data is securely stored and will not be shared with others. This is an obligatory requirement for student paper writing websites because otherwise customers simply will not trust these resources. It should be noted that most sites assure that with them your personal information will remain confidential. Still, this statement does not always correspond to reality. To make sure that the promises of the site are true, it is recommended to additionally check the reviews of other clients. This action will help you avoid possible problems with leaks of your banking and personal data, which can happen on sites with weak customer privacy systems.

Are 6dollaressay.com writers native?

The website states that their best authors are specialists from various universities around the world; it is likely that not all authors are native English speakers. According to the data indicated, only authors with Masters' and Ph.D. degrees work on the site's team. This is a normal requirement for specialists. They will be engaged in writing serious academic papers on deeply scientific topics. It is simply unacceptable for a site to sell the papers of writers who do not have any degree. So having a diploma from an author is an obligatory condition, not an advantage.

Can you get caught using a 6dollaressay.com writing service?

Unfortunately, there are some complaints from customers of this service regarding the uniqueness of written works. In some texts, a high percentage of plagiarism was detected, which makes it impossible to present a scientific paper in an educational institution. As a result, the student can suffer greatly from the writer’s incompetence and the irresponsibility of the site administration. Even though the site offers a fairly low price for their services, the quality of content can be just as low, and the client will just waste their money. Before using the help of the authors of this site, think carefully about whether you are ready to get a terrible result and a low uniqueness of your academic paper.

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Service Reviews

1 5 1
My assignment was delivered 2 days after the due date and its a trash for me. I begged them and they told me I will get refund I never got one. I will probably move to cheaper services like 2 dollar essay, 3dollar essay or 5 dollar but never 6 dollar essay again.

1 5 1
This will be the last time , I will use this website. They dont respect the time paid for and they choose to ignore you when they want to. They dont respond to email. They dont respond to phone call. Take your service and assignment elsewhere . My assignment is extremely late . I have been begging all day for an update and couldn't get one other than it will be received in a few hours , two days after its already late. I uploaded my assignment twice because the website was glitchy and attached assigned documents needed, they told they didn't receive it. They did not contact me to tell me they did not receive it , I had to contact them for an update just to be notified. One of the duplicate order had the attached documents needed, apparently no one looked .

2 5 1
I couldn’t pay for the order because there wasn’t a convenient payment system provided. I asked for help using chat but omg how long should I have been waiting there? I got a reply after 30 minutes but that didn’t help me with my issue. Just wasted my time here.

1 5 1
Missed my deadline. Poor service

1 5 1
Kudos for your help, of course. But still my deadline was broken and that affected the whole picture of your company. Do it better next time.

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