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CheapestEssay.com: What to Expect from This Service?

To help you orient yourself in the world of academic writing websites, we test and analyze them. If you are considering CheapestEssay.com as a potential resource if writing assistance, then you should start with reading this essay writing services review.

Let’s begin with the overall look of the site. To say the truth, it looks pretty nice. Design and navigation are clear, good-looking, and convenient. You can find ordering instructions and list of services right on the main page. Also, there is a small presentation video that describes the way CheapestEssay works. The service promises to deliver 100% unique and well-done papers without delays. Is everything really that great? Let’s find out.

What are the offers?

The list of services is extensive. Here you can find the most common types of academic works like essays, dissertations, coursework, reports, theses, and more. There are also pretty interesting and rare options to choose from like poems, letters, blog posts, short stories, and CV writing. Also, students can request editing, proofreading, and paraphrasing.

There are more than 40 disciplines available in the order form. The list includes such rare subjects as Java Programming and C++, which definitely require a high level of qualification.

Prices and discounts

Like any other writing service, CheapestEssay.com charges papers basing on several factors: urgency, academic level, type of service, writer’s level, and length. The shortest available deadline is three hours, but the price for such paper is high. For example, if you want a college essay to be done that fast, you will have to pay $27.95 per page. That’s expensive, but you can afford that if the situation is extreme. At the same time, if you provide 19 days for writing, you will pay $8.95. Most services write 250 or 275 words per page. CheapestEssay.com writes 280.

As for the discounts, CheapestEssay.com offers 15% off for the first order. There is also some lifetime discount announced on the FAQ page, but we didn’t find any information about it.

Our ordering experience

Everything looked pretty nice to us, so we decided to test all of those delicious offers on practice. We have placed the following order with CheapestEssay:

The price is pleasing, right? The service boasts to be the cheapest one on the web. And in reality, it is cheap, especially when you order a paper with a long deadline. However, let’s see what they deliver for that cheap price.

First of all, we must admit that originality and on-time delivery guarantees are true. We received a paper before the deadline and checked it with special software. However, when we started reading it, we went hot and cold. If a professor of Psychology looked through this "masterpiece", he would die from laughter. The content was complete nonsense. Logical mistakes, weak arguments, and depthless content were frustrating. At the same time, we couldn’t ask for a revision – the instructions were followed, but this was a paper of a high school level.

Customer Support

While the writer’s proficiency didn’t make any positive impression (maybe, we were not lucky), Customer Support was professional and responsive. They do answer the calls 24/7 and react on messages fast. You can reach them with no problems via different communicational channels and get a detailed consultation.


CheapestEssay promises the cheapest prices on the market and this is true. Their papers don't cost too much. However, the quality of writing is pretty low. We don't recommend this service to elder students – the local writers are not capable of making deep research and present solid arguments.


Is CheapestEssay legit?

Yes, this site is legal, as are a number of student paper writing services. Legitimacy is a key requirement for the successful functioning of the site and the possibility of making a profit. So many services operate on a legal basis. However, you should understand that this still does not guarantee the quality of the content and the responsible attitude of the authors towards student paper writing. First of all, it is important to pay attention to the best essay writing service reviews, in which you can find honest answers and opinions about this or that service. Very often, such sites can deceive clients using various marketing strategies. Still, it is better to check everything in advance to avoid getting into an embarrassing situation. Remember that even on a legitimate site you may encounter incompetence, unprofessionalism and irresponsibility. In any case, the service must provide quality services and give you assurances that you will not regret the result. The status of the legal site, alas, cannot promise the client a completely safe result.

Is CheapestEssay safe?

It is quite difficult to judge the security of the service since such sites are rarely subjected to hacker attacks due to their unprofitability for fraudsters. This service hardly has any distinctive features in this respect because it is like other essay writing sites. Yes, it has a privacy policy that protects customers' personal data, but it is difficult to fully evaluate its reliability. Every user wants to remain anonymous, but you still need to provide some personal data on the site. There is no exact information about whether the site uses customers' personal information for other purposes, most likely not. The site also makes money transfers, so it is important to be careful. If there is any suspicion, it is better to refrain from using this service. Of course, the complaints about this site are mainly about the quality of content, not security. Still, you should be more careful and listen to the opinions of experienced users.

Are CheapestEssay writers native?

Unfortunately, this fact can be questioned. Of course, the service claims that they employ only professional authors who speak English at the level of native speakers and have diplomas. All this may well be simple advertising because the authors make grammatical errors in the academic texts. Many customers who have already used the services of this site claim that the quality of content here is poor, and many errors indicate a total lack of the authors' primitive knowledge of grammar and punctuation. Also, authors often violate the requirements for the layout of student papers, indicating their ignorance and incompetence in this matter. Everyone knows that academic texts are a special field with strict rules regarding design, so the author must comply with them. This is not the case here. Many users claim that they will never use this service again.

Can you get caught using a CheapestEssay writing service?

Yes, it can happen to you too. Unfortunately, this service provides low-quality content to its clients, thus jeopardizing their academic success. In addition to the gross grammatical errors that authors systematically make, many texts are also have certain percentage of plagiarism. This indicates that the authors resort to using other people's intellectual property in their work. This is a violation of copyright, but the client may suffer because of it. This is terrible because the incompetence and irresponsibility of the authors can put you in a hardship. Alas, clients discover large fragments of plagiarism in their papers. This is a low-quality service, where non-professionals work, not ready to take responsibility for the result.  This service cannot be recommended because it has too many disadvantages.

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