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Review of Paperell.com: Whether to Use It or Not

The research covered several most crucial aspects of Paperell.com’s work such as the guarantees they give, specifics of their work, the price policy, and their customers’ feedback of course.

  1. Prices

After exploring the website of Paperell.com, we have found out that the prices they set for the papers are higher than in other writing services. An average price per page is usually less than 16-18 dollars whilst at Paperell.com it is at least twenty dollars per page which makes it hardly affordable for all the students to order a paper from them. The absence of any discounts is also disappointing.

Also, it is impossible to pre-calculate the price or your assignment before you place your order. Instead, the service offers you to negotiate the price directly with their experts. What?!

  1. Money refund rules

The service promises a 100% guarantee or customer’s money refund. However, after taking a closer look at their refund rules and terms, we have figured out that the service has a pretty complicated scheme of refunding with lots of small details and nuances that are easy to miss if a customer is not familiar with this sort of services. For example, the company will not accept your refund request if it was not made by one of the contact methods mentioned on their website. Also, they will not return your money back if you receive a low mark for the paper you ordered from them. In general, it seems like the service is more interested in keeping their clients’ money instead of valuating the customers’ interests and trust.

  1. Writers

It seems that the service has a pretty poor staff of writers: there are only nine people who work for them and whose data one can find on the homepage. Taking into account that the flow of orders, according to the Paperell.com, is pretty high, we wonder how those nine writers are able to deal with such a number of papers.

  1. Customers’ reviews

It seems strange that such a popular writing service has only 61 reviews from their customers. There is one more thing that looks weird and it is that all the reviews published on their homepage are positive, whilst, according to the results of the customer satisfaction survey, only 85-90% of customers are satisfied with the quality of the papers and could call the service trustworthy.

  1. Contacts

The service promises 24/7 customer support service and immediate help for their clients. However, we didn’t manage to get help on a very easy question at once. Instead, we were transferred to a support agent and had to wait until the other six people were in the queue before us.

  1. Paper’s quality

It seemed strange to us to find out that the service indicated that the quality of their papers depends on the level of their writers. It literally says that the writer’s skill determines the price and the higher the price the better the quality. Sounds suspicious especially after their promise to provide customers with professionally-written high-quality papers.

As a conclusion of this essay writing service review, we can say that the Paperell.com writing service doesn’t only charge higher prices comparing to the other writing agencies, but also has pretty unsure terms of payment and strangely organized services. That’s why Ozzz.org, can’t advise this service to you.


Is Paperell legit?

Yes, this site is one of the many sites for writing student papers that works legally. Still, its legality does not yet indicate high-quality services. Unfortunately, many sites that are not distinguished by a responsible approach to the performance of their services operate legally. This reduces the level of confidence in the validation of the legality of such resources. You can come across more than one essay writing service review on the internet in which users complain about the terrible service provided to them by perfectly legal sites, so this is far from being the key indicator of high standards of work.

Is Paperell safe?

This site can be called safe because it is not much different from any other standard essay writing services. Standard world-renowned payment systems are used for payment here, so everything should be all right. As for customer privacy, everything here is also quite standard. The user is not asked to specify too much personal data, so everything is also within the norm. In principle, doubts can arise when working with any service, so you should still follow some rules, for example, not to specify too much personal information and be cautious during the commission of monetary transactions.

Are Paperell writers native?

Of course, the site says that they have professional authors who are native English speakers, but practice shows the opposite. Many customers complain that there are a lot of mistakes in the works of the authors of this service. Such a number is simply unacceptable for a specialist who speaks the language at a high level. So there are doubts not only about the fluency of language but, in general, the qualifications of the authors. Such gross mistakes in academic texts significantly spoil the site's reputation and show the writers' irresponsibility. Alas, this service is trying to seem better than it is.

Can you get caught using a Paperell writing service?

The probability is quite high because such a vast number of errors in the content indicates that the work is done as poorly as possible. Perhaps the student himself would have avoided such typos and would have coped better with the task. In addition, authors often fail to meet deadlines. They do not know how to format the work according to academic standards, as a result of which the academic success of the client may be jeopardized. It is a risky site because you can't be 100% sure that you will be lucky and that your work will be of high quality. When cooperating with this service, it is important to check the results.

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