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The Wow Essays Premium Essay Database: A Legit Alternative to Custom Writing?

Before we move directly to the WowEssays Premium review, we need to make a brief explanation. The thing is, the concept of this company differs from the services we typically examine. Instead of writing custom academic papers for money, it offers access to an exclusive essay database that students can use for inspiration, research, and reference purposes or as models to follow. And while there are plenty of websites providing essay samples, WowEssays Premium made its presence felt throughout the market by claiming to have the largest database ever with over 1 MILLION entries. We decided to review it and try to figure out whether even the best essays online collection could be an alternative to a standard custom writing service.

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Key Features of the WowEssays Pre-Written Essays Database

For starters, let's take a look at WowEssays.com Premium key features:

  • Over 1 million samplesof most various academic paper types – from simple essays and research papers to sophisticated case studies and full-fledged theses.
  • It is subscription-based. Without paying for the subscription, students can browse the database but only see the samples' brief previews. Viewing full-text samples requires an active subscription.
  • All subscription plans include unlimited sample downloads. As you don't buy pre-written essays apiece but subscribe, you can download so much as the entire database.
  • Well-organized structureand adequate built-in search engine that let you fairly easy and quickly find relevant samples in this huge collection.
  • 24/7 customer support. We can hardly imagine what one may need customer support for in case with a sample database, but WowEssays Premium has it. Most likely, to help resolve payment and log-in issues.

How Much Does the Access to a 1M Premium Essay Examples Cost?

Over the time of operation, we've come across several paid sample databases. They all had one extremely unpleasant common feature: until you try to open the full text, you cannot even tell that this is a paid service! To a certain point, they all mimic a free database of essays and don't even have a Pricing section on their homepages. You, as a user, are stunned with the necessity to pay for access right at the moment when you think you've got what you need. That's very, very, very annoying and disappointing! No wonder that customer feedback about such websites is, ahem, unfavorable.

Unlike these… schmucks, WowEssays Premium clearly states that it is a paid service, and you can see the offered subscription plans right on the homepage. A good start, it shows that you're dealing with a fair and reliable company. So, there are 4 subscription plans:

  • 7 days for $9.99 (this is the only plan where you're not re-billed automatically when the subscription period expires);
  • $36.99 for 1 month;
  • $59.99 for 3 months;
  • $89.99 for 6 months.

Before paying, any man in his senses would wonder what the percentage of really premium quality essays and other academic papers in the entire database is. Because let's face it, it's highly doubtful that one can gather a million samples of equally great nature. To evaluate this aspect (at least, approximately), we've purchased the cheapest subscription. Apparently, we weren't able to check the entire database due to its enormous size. However, within those several dozen papers we randomly opened and downloaded, we found just a couple of substandard texts. A decent ratio, we'd say.

What WowEssays.com Has to Offer Besides Arguably the Best College Essays Sample Collection?

The full range of WowEssays Premium services is not, of course, limited to a sample essay finder only. Apart from the paid – main – database, it also offers a small directory of free essay database (not downloadable); over a dozen of free online writing tools (for instance, topic and citation generators, grammar and readability checkers, essay editor and plagiarism checker, etc.); a blog with helpful guides and writing tips.

Moreover, when looking through customer reviews on Reddit, Sitejabber, and Quora, we've figured that WowEssays Premium is a project affiliated with WowEssays.com – a quite popular writing assistance company. Perhaps, this explains that along with the sample database, one can also find such paid services as upgrading a sample of your choice by a professional academic writer and ordering a custom model paper crafted for you from scratch by a field expert. From this point of view, WowEssays Premium could become a one-stop-shop for students with the most various needs.

The Wow Essays Database Verdict

Summing our review up, we can confidently tell that no essay database subscription – even if it's with such a vast directory as WowEssays Premium – can serve as a full-fledged alternative to custom writing services. The counterparts have different approaches to the writing process; different timeframes to get the job done; hell, different philosophies. On the other hand, we cannot but notice WowEssays Premium's strategic advantage over typical online writing agencies. The thing is, using already written essays and other academic papers for inspiration or as models to follow is completely okay and safe in legal and ethical terms. In the end, it's up to you to choose which concept relates to your principles and needs, as you can benefit big time from both tools.

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Service Reviews

5 5 1
The premium base from wow essays was a magic wand for me. I am studying for a degree in philosophy and have to write many essays. And one day, I didn't know where to get ideas for topics and what to write about. My friend recommended this product. And I was as satisfied as possible with the investment in subscribing to this service.

5 5 1
I am a student in the political science department, so I write many essays on this topic. Every political scientist should be able to put their thoughts on paper beautifully. That in the future will allow me to become a political expert and develop in the field of political journalism. Since I write many essays, sometimes I do not know where to start writing a paper. For this, I read a large number of examples on a similar topic and wrote my article. My classmate advised this service in which I found many models on the topic of political science. I recommend this service to get inspiration before writing essays and other types of papers.

4 5 1
I've been using wowessays for over a year. A few months ago, I saw the news on social networks about launching a new product for this company. This premium base turned my world upside down, and I had a different approach to the learning process. Writing essays that are assigned at university has become much more manageable. So I just read examples and use them to write my opinion on a given topic.

5 5 1
It is the best platform with examples of any work. I've never seen anything like it. Now I don't have to go to the library to get inspired before writing another essay or term paper. I go to this site and look for work on similar topics. After that, I can formulate my opinion and write a unique paper. Thanks to wowessays premium writing have become much more accessible and takes less time.

4 5 1
I want to share my experience of using this site. I have never seen such a platform with so many examples. It is an encyclopedia with examples works on any subject. I was looking for information to write an essay on the subject of marketing. I found samples on a similar topic and decided to see what other papers are available here. I haven't come across so many papers yet. I recommend it if you want to be inspired before writing your paper.

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