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The Ultimate of WowEssays Reviews

If you ever came across WowEssays.com website, you must have been impressed by the wealth of materials they host there. It’s probably the biggest open essays database online, where you can find examples of any type of paper: all sorts of essays, creative writing, reports, analysis, article critique, book reviews, you name it. Moreover, they offer writing services, so if the inspiration isn’t quite enough, you can ask them to write you an exemplary paper.

However, you might also think: “Is WowEssays legit, though? Aren’t they just funneling some plagiarized stuff?” The answer to those questions are:

  1. Yes, it is legit;
  2. Database essays were donated by the students, and every on-demand wow essay is custom-written and 100% original.

This explains why all works on the website are free to access, and not evenly written. While some of the papers show signs of deep research, original thinking, and impeccable academic style, others are more humble exemplars. Some of them are short and raw, obviously written by a high schooler. This diversity is a feature because they are not the model but real-life examples of the academic writing done by the students like you and me!

This, however, does not exhaust all features of WowEssays as a service, so let’s dig deeper.

Wow Essays Writing Service

On top of showcasing real essay examples in its growing database, Wow Essays also has a great blog on how to write all sorts of academic papers, how to come up with ideas and topics, how to format and cite, and many other things related to writing and student life. Definitely check it out.
However, if the essay is already giving you headaches and all those examples and tips don’t get you far, Wow Essays provides personalized writing help.

For example, I had difficulties with one Sociology paper where I simply couldn’t find the data. I am usually cool with writing, but this one really got on my nerves, so I decided to save my time and peace of mind by just letting someone else do the job. The paper was okay (not better than I would have written myself, though) and I’ve made a few changes to make it sound like I’ve written it.

What really impressed me though were the sources, which were used – those guys must have access to the latest publications or some extensive online library. I even had to lie to my instructor about my cousin letting me use her academic resource subscription because he was genuinely eager to know where I got hold of those current articles.

The ordering process was very intuitive. Every step was guided and all necessary fields were marked, so I didn’t have any trouble placing the order.

After completed the form and made the payment, they assigned a free essay writer available in the category I’d chosen. I wanted to cut the costs, so I went for a Basic one (over Advanced and Top). After all, it was just an essay.

Secret Promo Codes to Cut WowEssays.Com Prices

Speaking of cutting the costs, what’s a broke student to do if she doesn’t have much to spare? Luckily, WowEssays pricing is very reasonable. Moreover, they have all sorts of discount and loyalty programs, plus coupons for special occasions and holidays.

My tip: a discount code WEDOWOW will get you 11% off your first order, plus a bonus for your next order! Make sure to put it in the “Enter Promo Code field before proceeding to payment. You are welcome.

How to Navigate the Site and Find Wow College Essays

If you are here to find out more about the database, here are a few words of advice. You can look up the paper you need in several ways:

  • By the discipline (Topicsdropdown rubric in the top-of-the-page menu);
  • By the type of paper (Type of paper rubric in the menu);
  • By keywords (search bar available via Free samples rubric);
  • By tags (all papers are cross-referenced and tagged, so can click on any of the tags and get a list of papers that are relevant to this topic).

If you want to know how to order, this is even simpler – just look for a hot green button. “Hire Writer” one on the top right is always there, but you can also see Order custom paper, Order paper now and suchlike plugged here and there – they all get you to the order page.

The ordering process is 4 steps:

  1. General info: choosing the paper type (Essay, Article, Book review, etc.), the academic level (from High School to PhD), the number of pages/words, and the due date.
  2. Providing more details about your paper (title, topics to be covered – this is optional), writer’s level, extra services (plagiarism report, proofreading by editor experts, etc.)
  3. Payment
  4. Paper being written and delivered according to your deadline

My tip: Indicate your deadline a day or two before your scheduled hand-in date – just a precaution against unexpected hiccups. Especially, if you order a wow statement essay that is supposed to secure your admission or your scholarship. You don’t want to miss the deadline for something as big as this!

Do You Agree With My WowEssays Rating?

Anyway, this is my impression from WowEssays database and writing services. I think they are great, even if not 100% perfect and I would definitely recommend them to any friend of mine who needs help with an essay or some trickier paper.

Do you agree with me? Did you have a different experience with the service? Please don’t shy away and shout out in the section below.

WowEssays.com FAQ

Is WowEssays legit?

Open essays databases online always evoke some lack of trust because most of them do not provide good-quality papers. The situation is quite different with this service. It is fully legit and free from plagiarized stuff. Students from different academic fields donate database essays here, and all of them are 100% unique and custom-written.

The company's policies strictly comply with the international legislation and academic regulations. So, you can use any kind of essay from here without fear that you are doing something illegal. They pay taxes and observe the business rules of the country of their registration, so everything you can get from them is entirely within the law.

All the sources used in the academic papers are thoroughly verified. That is why you do not need to worry that you will be using false facts or citations from works that do not exist.

Is WowEssays safe?

Yes, using such a reputable online essay database service is completely safe. You are not required to provide a lot of personal information while registering on the site and ordering or looking for an essay. You can even use a nickname or VPN if you prefer not to reveal your privacy and keep it fully anonymous. Anyway, all the sensitive data is reliably encrypted and no information is available to third parties.

Even if you are told that using open essay databases is unsafe at all because they are full of scams and plagiarism, things are entirely different with WowEssays. This is one of the most reputable and reliable essay companies you can find on the market. All the essays on any topic and from any field of study are carefully checked, edited, and verified to avoid grammar and spelling errors and plagiarism. So, the highest quality of all the papers is guaranteed.

Moreover, you can order your academic assignment from scratch. The only thing is that, unlike using essays from the completely free database, you will have to pay a moderate price to your author for doing that work.

Are WowEssays writers native?

Yes, they are. Most of the essays in the database come from college students who are native English speakers with Australian, American, Canadian, and British language backgrounds. The papers from non-native students are not accepted here.

Moreover, if you decide to order a custom paper for your academic assignment written from scratch, your author will be a native English speaker for sure. The platform cooperates with such authors who have also proved their highest academic degrees and experience in a specific field. All the authors are interested in supporting their perfect academic reputation, so they will write an essay for you following all the instructions and meeting deadlines.

Since all the works, both coming from students to the database and written from scratch by mature authors, are created by native English speakers, they are free from grammar, spelling, and stylistic errors. They are also fully consistent and cover the subject of your research deeply. You will always get the best quality here.

Can you get caught using a WowEssays writing service?

No, you will not get caught using this service if you accurately observe all the rules and regulations of the platform. First of all, remember to change the names of the files you have received from the database or those written for you by essay writers. Your professor may not pay much attention to such things but, because of the poor quality of students’ papers in general, many academic advisors and teachers decide to check the origins of the papers more carefully.

Another thing you need to do is to read attentively through the paper to know for sure what it is about. You may need to make some corrections or additions there, so feel free to do that before submitting the paper to your instructor.

The confidentiality policy of this platform is strict, so there is no fear of information leaking from the site.

However, try to avoid providing too much information during the registration process. It is vital to avoid indicating the names of your institution, professor, course, and other details, which could lead to your identity and specific needs. Such information usually is not required, so why should you reveal it?

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Service Reviews

5 5 1
I learn on my own. At least I try to do it. But sometimes, I have to get out of it somehow, so I sometimes order my work from this site. You can save money if you choose authors who do not set very high prices, and also, you can get the job very quickly because you do not have to wait long to get a response from the performer. I have never had any problems with this website, and I am sure I can easily find an author who will do everything correctly and won't let me down.

4 5 1
I ordered a test on economic theory from this company. Everything was done even better than I thought it would be! The professor did not find a single mistake in the work. On the plus side of working with this company, I would also like to include the rapid execution of work and a very reasonable price. Thank you for having such a resource.

5 5 1
I hope my review will help many students who cannot choose a company to order student papers. Not long ago, I did not know how I should write a term paper on economics. Honestly, I was not very diligent in my studies. I was always looking for part-time work to ensure an everyday life for myself. So when the time came to write a term paper, I realized that I had to order it from a specialized company. I put the highest score and recommend it to all students looking for writers responsible for their work. I want to assure you that there are still companies worthy of attention!

5 5 1
After working with Wow Essays, I was delighted and am now a regular customer. I study at the university in the third year of full-time form. I ordered essays, made them as promised on time, and checked for plagiarism - all my nuances were considered. Always available to contact the author if necessary or make adjustments to the task. And the price is excellent. For the student, it is pretty affordable. It is also possible to make changes, which goes into the work's cost. The platform is excellent and helps out a lot. All honest and fast, the coursework is amazing, it is easy to defend - there is no water, everything is on topic. Completely satisfied and recommend the site to my classmates.

4 5 1
I ordered my master's thesis in wowessays, and I was delighted with the result because the work was done on time, for a very reasonable price. At the same time, all the requirements I sent them and all questions were answered promptly, practically 24 hours a day. It is evident that wow essays company has been around for many years, knows what they're doing, and does it well! Thank you!

4 5 1
I recently ordered an essay, so I can recommend the service as a very reliable, which takes almost all the work and does not take a lot of money. I recommend using the services of this company. I will bring my friends. Thank you! I want to say that the contractor re-did the work several times because the supervisor was very demanding. Thank you again for your patience and your responsible approach.

5 5 1
I always write reviews of companies I have had to deal with. I think it can help those who haven't yet used such services. I used wowessays.com for the first time, on the advice of an acquaintance. I liked the interface. Everything is simple, convenient, and straightforward, with quick responses from managers. I liked the precise system of a personal account. I am satisfied with the quality and speed of the work!

5 5 1
I ordered here for the first time, as before I tried to do everything myself or with the help of friends, but now the time is very tight. The manager quickly helped me choose a specialist. All the details and my wishes were taken into account, the work was written quickly. I handed over the piece, the teacher had no questions, and I finally closed the semester. The price is more than great for such quality.

4 5 1
I'm always happy to turn to your company, and it's not the first time I have done it. I needed an essay this time, and I came to you again without any doubt. The information was provided, deadlines were discussed, always polite and responsible. Thank you for your work. The paper is good ? I passed the essay perfectly and received praise from the lecturer.

5 5 1
Realizing that I was not meeting the deadline, I decided to seek help from the company wow essays. I was lucky with the contractor, and the work was ready on time. I spent very little money and time on communication with the author, but in the end, his help brought me an excellent grade. In addition, I understood the issue as the work was written in simple language, which is also a definite plus compared to purchased papers.

5 5 1
I had to make a presentation. The presentation had to be of high quality. It had to be beautiful, informative, and bright. I am well aware that this is a creative job on the one hand, and it requires a lot of time to make everything cool. I did not have that time, so I ordered the work here. I liked the site, and the person took on my assignment and did everything to a great score.

4 5 1
I needed to write an essay in the shortest time possible, and I had no free time, as I was combining studies and motherhood (at that time, the baby was two weeks old). My classmate told me about this company. I provided the company with a plan, a manual, and the requirements. The company completed the order in a short time. I was saved, so I want to thank this company for its efficiency, professionalism, and politeness. I enjoyed working with them. I will recommend them!

4 5 1
I'm working a lot, so I didn't even assume that I would write a master's thesis independently. That's why I asked my friends to recommend me a professional company to write a research paper. Now I understand that I did the right thing because the work was done on time, and the teacher only had a few remarks. All of the comments were quickly corrected by the guys. It is excellent that they check the work on the anti-plagiarism, so the university plagiarizer showed the highest uniqueness.

5 5 1
After wandering around the Internet for a long time, I finally came across this site, which surpassed all my expectations. I ordered my essay, to my surprise, made very quickly and high quality! Who does not want to do it alone to write, edit dissertations, essays, or other works filled with technical details, qualitatively and in the shortest possible time this site is a godsend! Thanks to the company!

5 5 1
I have worked with this company several times! I can safely recommend it as all my expectations were met. The work that I ordered was done qualitatively, and I am satisfied with the result. Therefore, if you need these services, then you should apply to them, you won't regret it. It is 5 stars!

5 5 1
I ordered in this company an essay on the theory of state and law. The topic was complicated, so I decided to use the services of professionals. They did not let me down, completed the work qualitatively and on time. Completely disclosed the topic and in its preparation, using the latest and most relevant sources.

5 5 1
This is not the first time I've used the services of this company. I ordered some work here. I liked the quality and reasonable price. I recently needed help writing a term paper. Overall, I am satisfied with the result. I am always happy with the uniqueness of the work. This is why I rate the company's work on 5 stars.

5 5 1
WowEssays is an incredibly convenient and necessary company. I needed urgent help on a modular paper. I looked everywhere I could, but no one could help me because the subject of probability theory is not very simple. I was already in despair, accidentally stumbled upon this company, and had no hope for anything since there was only a day before work. But I got help, and I was able to close this modular on excellent. Excellent company, they helped on time, and everything went like clockwork. All in all, I recommend it to everyone.

5 5 1
I want to share my impressions of working with this company wowessays. I ordered a term paper. Checked by the teacher was passed without any remarks, that is, everything was ready and I only had to protect the project. There were no problems with it, because I study very well, and I simply do not have enough time to write such works by myself. I got the maximum score, the same assessment deserves and specialist, who was preparing my course. And the company deserves a positive review. Thank you very much!!!

4 5 1
I got an A for my essay. I want to thank you all who made it possible!

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