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CustomEssay.com. Company services

CustomEssay.com – original academic writing on demand. Any subject, brilliant writers, great service - that is how they represent their own company. Attractive, is not it? It would be nice if everything was really so as they describe above. But unfortunately, the reality is another, and it is not so positive. In this review, we will try to show you what the state of the art is.

Writing service

A great variety of services is represented on the site: starting with essay writing and finishing with whatever else you need. However, if you want to find more information about writing options you need, or read a sample of an admission essay, research paper, literature review, whatever, you will not be able to do this because they don`t provide you with such opportunities. The only thing you can do is to read the samples of essays on different topics. However, probably it is better than nothing.


As well as other writing companies CustomEssay.com offers prices which depend on the number of pages and deadline. Prices are based on one page, which is equal to 250 words of original content. The service cannot be considered cheap and not even average, it is expensive. The prices vary from 33$(Best Value) to 56$ per page!! To get the best price of 33$ the customer need to order at least four pages and give five days to complete it. In other cases, the prices will be higher. The company doesn`t offer discounts or loyalty programs and has bad reputation because of some hidden charges on the way of order fulfillment.

Paper Quality

As for a paper quality, we ordered a literary review in the hope that it will be without mistakes and plagiarism free. We have got our paper within several hours, which means the delivery is fast. It is a pity, but plagiarism was found there. We find it unacceptable for a professional writing service. Moreover, the content was not entirely appropriate for the literary review we have ordered.


CustomEssay.com doesn`t allow you to have online chat with the writer or choose the one you want.  You also can`t give any requirements and suggestions for writing your paper. All the writers are native English speakers however, some of them are really great and others are not so great as they don`t always know what is expected in an academic essay. The essays they write are not always with proper structure and style perhaps because of the lack of experience.

In general, CustomEssay.com is not bad writing company but it still has many things to improve. First of all, they should reduce their prices because they are really high and may be unaffordable for some groups of people. They should also choose a staff more carefully, in order to make a higher quality of papers. So, wish them to improve their service and become one of the best writing companies.

CustomEssay.com FAQ

Is CustomEssay.com legit?

This online essay writing service is legit because it aligns with all the legislation of the countries where your academic institution is located. The service is also consistent with the academic laws and regulations. And they say that all your personal information is reliably encrypted. It means that your sensitive data may not become an object of interest to any third parties. According to the terms and conditions listed on the site, your paper may be created from scratch, all the rights to it will belong to you as a buyer, and the company may never use your paper for any other needs. However, as with all other services of such kind, the disclaimer says that all the papers are used as demonstration samples for students’ further work so they cannot be accused of plagiarism or poor quality, which can become a sort of problem in the future.

Is CustomEssay.com safe?

According to the company’s terms and conditions, the service may be considered safe. Even if you read any other best essay writing services review, you can see some differences between what is usually expected and what the service can actually provide. The same is here. The website is reliably protected by cutting-edge SSL encryption. So your confidential information may not leak or be used for some unfair purposes. They also promise strong protection against plagiarism. All the rights to the written paper may belong to you as a buyer. What evokes some questions is that there are a lot of diverse services promised on the site, from admission essays to literature review, whatever you may need. Though, when you try to have a look at the samples of these works, they are not available, meaning that the company does not have much experience in certain subjects. So you can never be sure whether you can get the type of work you need here.

Are CustomEssay.com writers native?

The website states that they have native speakers among their employees. Most of them are professional and know what they are writing about because they have their academic degrees in various fields. However, some employees are not so perfect, and the customers’ reviews say that the written work can sometimes lack consistency, proper structure, or style. Does it mean that the writer knows nothing about the academic requirements? Or probably, it is not a native English writer who does not understand the topic and requirements properly? Moreover, you are not allowed to chat directly with a writer and give any suggestions on the paper completion.

Can you get caught using a CustomEssay writing service?

Since the website is properly encrypted, you will have your confidentiality at some level. So, your professor will never know that you have been using this service. If the work is provided plagiarism-free and in good quality, the situation with revealing that you have not written the work yourself is never possible. Still, as some users have noted in their reviews, there is a chance that you can get a plagiarized essay or a paper that is full of mistakes, typos, lacks the reference list and is not formatted in the required style. If you get such a paper and deliver it to your professor, they may suspect that you have never done it on your own.

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Service Reviews

5 5 1
Throughout my last 2-years of university, I have tried a few essay writing services but the others do not operate on the same level as CustomEssay.com. This company provides not only great writing but great service. I love how easy it is to order essays and manage my files on their website. I have referred their services to several of my friends and they to their friends.

2 5 1
I didn’t meet here polite staff and nice treatment. In addition, I didn’t get a qualified assistance. I am dead sure that I will not take up services here again, as this last experience was awful.

2 5 1
The paper you have sent to me was normal but I thought its quality would be higher. I`m only confused about your pricing. Suppose that not all students are able to afford themselves to use your service.

2 5 1
The result wasn’t as good as I expected. In addition, I had to wait a lot to get my paper done. My writer didn’t answer my messages while the constant communication was guaranteed. It was not bad but I will not use your service again.

3 5 1
The law paper you delivered to me wasn’t unique and that`s the reason my professor has given me a flunking mark. I paid my money for a professional work but I didn’t get it. Hope you will pay attention to this aspect in the future.

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