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Edubirdie.com Review

Edubirdie.com offers plagiarism – free papers of high quality, total security, money back guarantee and the most professional writers, but we’ve decided to make sure that this service is really reliable and whether people can use it. Take a look at our independent review and think twice before making your purchase here.

Writing service offered by Edubirdie.com

Edubirdie.com includes the most widespread academic papers such as research papers, different types of essays, dissertations, term papers, articles etc. However, there is lack of some important information, for example, if you want to read more about papers, what the service offers, you have to enter personal date. The customers will find this highly unnecessary and time-consuming, so the company should provide more accessible way to all possible assignments.

Pricing and discounts at Edubirdie.com

On the website you can read that the company sells their papers for the most affordable prices, but this pricing can be in the higher category when compared to other services, which means that the first promise of the writing service is very obscure and false.  There is no list of all possible discounts and it is very disappointing. If you want to check out the discounts they offer, you have to subscribe, what we found to be unnecessary. The access should be opened to this information here in order to save time of their customers.

Paper quality

One of our goals is to make sure that the company provides high-quality papers, we ordered the coursework from this provider too. We expected to get the unique and very creative content, but unfortunately the result didn’t satisfy us. The content didn’t correspond to the academic level and coursework had several grammar and spelling mistakes. Therefore, these mistakes have proved that the writers employed at Edubirdie.com are definitely not native English writers. Additionally, their “professional writers” failed to follow our requirements, which resulted in irrelevant content and low grade.

Customer support

There are 3 ways you can choose for contacting Edubirdie.com: online contact form, e-mail and live chat. The representatives of support team are very unfriendly and impolite and it took us a lot of time to receive from agent two simple questions about their discount policy and ordering process. This has shown us that managers of support service do not know how Edubirdie.com works and they are not able to communicate properly with clients. We are completely sure that you won’t get reliable assistance from such support team.


In conclusion, we would say that it is an impropriate writing service for students, who looking for a high-quality academic papers. The company has a lot of disadvantages, which should be immediately improved.  Furthermore, the prices are very inflated, but Edubirdie.com doesn’t deliver the top-notch paper as they promise on the website. We think, it would be better option for you to choose another customer writing service, because only failure will wait for you here. Edubirdi.com disappointed us in every possible way, and it is not the company we would recommend.

Edubirdie.com FAQ

Is Edubirdie.com legit?

They are not so legit because Edubirdie.com does not give a contract to sign. Their business deal is vague because their writers do not feel responsible for customer’s achievements or goals. This service may take advantage of active students or busy office workers.

So, before working with them, ask yourself:

  • Where are they located?
  • Do they pay taxes?
  • Are these independent writers pro guys or not?
  • Can a student talk to the writer directly?
  • Do they use the same texts many times?

These questions are usually easy to answer if the service is legit.

Is Edubirdie.com safe?

Make sure writers are qualified and with a diploma that works for the best possible result. It’s all in this.

Also, make sure any order is written for one student and never repeats itself. They can use it somewhere else. Better be safe than sorry to avoid expulsion or lower grades because price and quality are not reasonable.

We also want to pinpoint that their Customer Support Service is not high. No revisions, no instructions for clients with poor creativity. In this case, the best option is to look up essay writing service review to learn more about safe and legit services. Secure services take care of you. Always!

Are Edubirdie.com writers native?

There is no firm evidence. Authors do not always provide revisions or editing when students realize there are many mistakes in it. Did they finish Oxford, Cambridge, or any legal University in an English-speaking country? We are not sure about it. The level of academic works shows they are a bunch of freelancers from all over the world. From Nepal, Pakistan, or maybe even Syria?

They may hire low-rate, cheap essay writers from those countries.

And why does Edubirdie.com claim they have only the best writers? And these best writers can give you lots of mistakes in your essay. Can natives disrespect their language so much?

Can you get caught using an Edubirdie.com writing service?

Once the school or University, Cambridge or Oxford, finds out about it, they may even expel students because it is an offense. It is a high risk here. Edubirdie.com may ‘write’ the same essays for other students.

They provide slow Customer Support Service. No personal touch for your order and no research prep work on complicated tasks.

It means you may get caught as your text is somewhere else already. Is Edubirdie.com a cornucopia of copies? It is easy to find out. But active people have no time for that. This writing service may give you false hope, waste your time, and is very time-consuming.

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Service Reviews

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Introduction language is very important in human life. It is used by people to communicate with one another. With language , they are able to express their feelings , thought , opinion , and ideas. Writing is one of the language skill that the students have to master. In writing , the students can devote some ideas in their mind on apiece of paper. They can write something that they can't talk , so their ideas can be understood by the reader. To make agood paragraph writing , the students must pay attention in using many aspect influence writing. One of the aspect influence writing is using punctuation correctly , it can make a good paragraph writing. It means that the correct punctuation , is an essentially part of the property constructed English sentence. In other words , if punctuation marks in the texts are not properly used , the readers may have difficulties to understand the text. From the explanation above , we can realize that punctuation is very important in writing. Punctuation marks help in organizing and therefore understanding writing. Many learners do not take them into account except for the period and the comma. Punctuation marks are categorized as a subpart in the grammatical system, which are necessary in both writing and speaking. They comprise many types; some have a unique way of functioning while there is a category of marks that is a context-based. Learners commit errors when the placement is associated with the context. Accordingly, the pedagogical institutions developmany strategies that help in the improvement of using punctuation correctly in the writing compositions. There are fourteen punctuation marks in English. They are capitalization, the period, question mark, exclamation mark, comma, colon, semicolon, apostrophe, quotation mark, bracket, dash, hyphen, ellipsis, and parenthesis. Knowing where to place the fourteen punctuation marks can greatly improve the learners? writing skill; the insertion of marks into the text helps to construct and organize the writing through dividing the text into sentences, clauses, etc, and making its meaning clear.

1 5 1
Actually, I know nothing about essay writing. I`ve chosen this company to write for me my term paper, unfortunately. The quality of your work can`t be rated high. My order was sent later than the deadline and it was full of stupid but eye-catching mistakes. The price didn’t coincide the quality. Will not come back here and will not recommend this company to anyone.

2 5 1
Edubirdie: Classic Example of How Not Every Glittery Thing Is Gold EduBirdie prides itself on being a ‘high-quality essay writing service. While there have been some good reviews about the writing service, it seems that most of its customers always get a raw end of the deal. Customers have often complained that the quality of papers they get isn’t the best. On one of their pages which features their top writers, you can see a ‘professor’ listed as one of their main premium writers. One concerned customer has questioned why a full professor would write high school and college essays for a site like Edubirdie. A reverse image search of the writer’s avatar reveals this to be untrue. Doing reverse image searches on most of these images reveals them to be nothing but googled downloads. Why would one of the best and most reviewed essay writing companies choose to use false images? Most EduBirdie reviews point to a company that does a lot of great PR but doesn’t deliver the service it promised. Edubirdie Reddit Controversy The site recently appeared on a popular American social news aggregation website, Reddit, which called it ‘controversial’ and linked it to a Saudi Arabian student who was paying for sex from female students in exchange for papers gotten from EduBirdie. Is EduBirdie legit? Many customers have questioned the service after using it. The quality of work seems poor, and most customers suggest never using the service again after the first time. They are also quite expensive. EduBirdie free sample papers are just a replica of what you find on their other sites, which quite badly hurts their credibility. Is EduBirdie legal? Is EduBirdie legal? This is a question that has arisen a lot of times due to the vague nature of the company. They don’t offer any contacts other than a chat desk, and it’s hard to exactly pinpoint their location. Right next to their famous birdie logo is a tab which says ‘place your order for free now.’ This couldn’t be further from the truth. EduBirdie charges 18 dollars a page for ‘high-quality papers’ as they claim. This is much higher than for other writing agencies, and their papers aren’t always great. Is EduBirdie cheating its customers that it has qualified, over-the-top writers when really most of them don’t even have a basic grasp of the English language? Customers have complained numerously about the slow customer service response and the possibility that the site uses bots to interact with clients. Note the issues raised: - The quality of work offered - Non-availability of contacts - Poor customer service - The price per page, with 18 dollars as the lowest. With this review, you can keep yourself from ordering a low-quality paper at really high prices.

3 5 1
Prices here are quite normal as for me. But the quality is not so high. The essay you sent for me didn’t actually bring me success. I don’t think I will ever take up services here again.

2 5 1
I am not so pleased with your services. I got a normal paper, but there was nothing special as I expected. I wish your writer had done better job than this.

2 5 1
I ordered my paper in history here. To put it bluntly, I regret my choice. The received essay from Edubirdie didn’t meet my expectations at all. You could do better, I suppose.

2 5 1
Why your 24/7 customer support doesn’t work according it schedule? I had to wait for a long time and it was really annoying. That is not about professional company.

3 5 1
I really have some doubts about your professional competence. My literature essay was sent with the delay and I noticed some typical errors while reading it. I had to check everything by myself.

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