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BuyEssay.net is the site that specializes in writing various types of papers. It has plain, colorful design, which attracts many visitors, a lot of content and general information. Here you will find many different offers like «absolute originality», «total customization», «money back guarantee», «on-time delivery», «fast service» and others. But is it really so good as it is described? Let`s find it out.

Prices and Discounts

The title of the pricing page is always offering the best prices. Really? Well, it is pointed that the prices depend on the type of work, a number of pages, academic level and deadline. In general, prices that BuyEssay.net offers are affordable, but there sites that offer much better prices for the same service. They promise free revisions within 14 days, free consultations, free title pages, content lists, bibliographies and so on. It is really so, but revisions are not always detailed and consultations are not always possible.

What about discounts: the more pages you order, the more discounts you get. A common practice. And if you make the first order, you can also get your discount but not depending on the number of pages you order. Everything would be good if only the percentage of discounts is higher than 15 percents.

Writing Services

BuyEssay.net has a big choice of writing services. These services include essays, dissertations, presentations, reviews, research papers, course works and et cetera. However, you cannot check the whole list, as it is not represented. So you have to ask each time whether they provide this or that type of paper you need, but, if they don`t, you’ll just lose your time waiting for their answer.

Paper Quality

As for paper quality, in general, it is tolerable. But of course, it depends on the writer you choose. You can contact him/her and inform about your requirements. The quality of the same paper can be easily compared if you make an order for two writers. The price may be the same or it can differ a little, but the quality will be undoubtedly different.

You can`t be always sure that you will get an excellent paper because minor mistakes are always possible. Perhaps papers are not usually written by native English-speaking writers.

Customer Support

BuyEssay.net provides customers with online chat. There is also a phone number on the website so you can easily contact with agents. It is indicated that 24/7 service is provided. However, exceptions are often encountered. Still, there is a bad thing concerning Customer Support - the absence of an address. And don`t be sure that your paper will be delivered on time. There is a practice when the deadline are not met.

Therefore, it is a personal choice and one may like this site and others don`t like it. Everyone chooses what is important to him/her – price, quality, writing service, customer support or something else. BuyEssay.net still has much to improve as the paper you get may need editing, not all the customer`s requirements are met and prices can really be lower. Wish them to improve their service and start to work better!

BuyEssay.Net FAQ

Is BuyEssay.Net legit?

In general, yes. The service is legit. It is mainly true because no law has ever been passed in any country that could ban such a service. That's why if you choose a writer correctly, you will receive the paper, which will be completely legal to use.

The only thing to remember here is to check the terms and conditions and the agreement you sign with the company. They may sometimes skip the item about transferring all the authorship rules to you.

You need to be considered an owner of the paper from the first moments of your receiving it. In other cases, the writing service can use your paper again and again. There is always a danger that you will be accused of plagiarism. It is completely illegal for most educational institutions in all countries. Using plagiarized work can have drastic consequences for you. Among them can be your dismissal from the college, loss of reputation, or breaches of contracts.

Is BuyEssay.Net safe?

This service is safe to a certain extent. Be aware of the rules and regulations and also of the payment and refund policy the site offers. As for BuyEssay.Net, nothing specific is said about refunds in case you are not satisfied with the quality. So, many students complain in their essay writing service reviews that they have not received any refund.

Another question that may influence your feeling safe and protected while using this service is their usage of the perfect encryption. They claim they do use it. Still, if you ever see your essay from someone else, it will mean that your unique work has been resold by some third party to another customer.

Are BuyEssay writers native?

The quality of papers you can get from BuyEssay.Net is not bad in general. It seems that most writers here are English-native speakers who do a good job. However, some students have complained that they encountered many minor mistakes in their essays which are not common to native speakers. That is why the conclusion can be made that the authors of these papers were not natives at all. Sometimes, if you are not a native yourself, having a non-native speaker as an author of your paper may even be advantageous because your professor knows your style and English mastery level. Nevertheless, be attentive to whom you choose for your essay writing task.

Can you get caught using a BuyEssay.Net writing service?

Mostly, not. You will not be caught and punished for using this writing service if they transfer the authorship to you immediately after you make your payment. Supposedly, all their data is safely and reliably encrypted so that your professors will never have access to the personal information and tracking your activities on this website.

If a professional writer completes your paper, no one will ever suspect you in cheating. To be on the safe side, you need to look through the paper you get, learn what it is about and probably make some changes. The problem is that when you get the paper from this site, the authorship section of the file details does not contain your name. You need to enter it and change the settings. Make sure that you will present the paper as yours.

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2 5 1
I needed to complete my paper economics but my order was denied. Your managers explained that there were no available writers, and for the next 2 weeks also. This fact of course disappointed me. And it was a little bit weird.

2 5 1
When I asked my writer to use a piece of my personal information, he refused to do for no reason. It has spoilt the whole essay, so I had to add that information by my own. I think it was bad of him to treat me like that. I wish your staff was polite. You should take into account your customers` requirements.

2 5 1
I decided to order my research paper here. Firstly, everything seemed to go smooth. But when I asked my writer to complete it in American English, he told it is impossible. That disappointed me a lot, as it is said that there are writers capable to write in both American and British English. They refused to give my money back. So, I got a paper written in the wrong way.

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